µTimer 0.1.3 Released (stable version)

Here's the first stable version of µTimer; version 0.1.3 has just been released!

This can be used for production/distribution.

Change log:

  • Fixes major bug with canonical mode still being activated at exit.
  • Some code improvement for the change above.

Download now!


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I created a package for ArchLinux. It can be found here: http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=22856

Thanks for a great tool.


Hi Timetrap,

Thanks for your contribution! I checked your package and it looks good to me except I don't see any glib depencies though µTimer depends on it for building and running, is it supposed to be like that in the PKGBUILD? If yes, I'll add it to the download section soon.


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